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Employer Access and Information

Already a Client?

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CCC's Current Full-Service Client Employers

If listed below, your Employer is a Full-Service client of CCC and has a special dedicated website section with 403(b) Tax-Sheltered Annuity (TSA) options and information specific to your 403(b) Plan. Click your Employer to see its dedicated 403(b) and 457(b) information:

CCC's Current Selected Vendors Plan Client Employers

If listed below, your Employer is a Selected Vendors client of CCC and has a special dedicated website section with 403(b) Tax-Sheltered Annuity (TSA) options and information specific to your 403(b) Selected Vendors Plan. Note: PCC has only one 403(b) Plan, but that plan has features that differ substantially from CCC's Full Service clients (e.g., exchanges are allowed only into accounts held by Vendors with Active Payroll Slots and participants are not required to suspend elective deferrals for six months following a hardship distribution). On the other hand, Tacoma Public Schools has two 403(b) Plans; the other we refer to as the Existing Plan, which CCC does not administer. Click your Employer to see its dedicated 403(b) Selected Vendors Plan information:

CCC's Current Plan Document Only Client Employers

If your Employer's name appears on the list below, CCC provides your Employer with Plan Document Only Service. To view your Employer's Plan Document and participation eligibility policy, click the name of your Employer in the list below:


Not yet a Client? There are compelling reasons to use CCC as a Third Party Administrator:

With CCC's umbrella Vendor network, establishing an IRS-approved Plan Document to define Tax Sheltered Annuity policies, procedures, and options, and then to administer those options, is a breeze. Learn More about what we offer.

Frequently Asked Questions by Employers

Common questions asked by Employers are answered concisely and accurately by our FAQ page for Employers.

Obtaining Transaction Authorization

CCC offers Plan Administrative Authorizations for plans CCC administers in various formats, depending on the transaction type.

CCC offers Authorization Vouchers for the following transaction types:

  • 403(b) Distributions to the Participant (for qualifying events of Severance from employment and attainment of age 59.5)
  • 403(b) Rollover Distributions (for qualifying events of Severance from employment and attainment of age 59.5)
  • 403(b) Contract Exchanges within the Plan
  • 403(b) Plan-to-Plan Transfers out of the Plan

For more information on requesting an Authorization Voucher, please click here.

Click here for information on submitting 403(b) Loans for authorization.

Click here for information on submitting 403(b) Hardship Distributions for authorization.

For all other transaction types

Participants may request plan authorization by completing the following steps:

  1. Complete a CCC Transaction Submission Cover Sheet and submit it, along with your completed vendor forms, to CCC. You may submit these documents to CCC using one of the following methods*:

    • You may securely upload the documents to CCC by clicking here,

    • You may fax the document to CCC at 503-968-7802, or

    • You may mail the document to CCC at the following address:

      Carruth Compliance Consulting
      11515 SW Durham Rd. Suite E10
      Tigard, OR 97224

  2. Once CCC receives your transaction submission we will review the documents, verify eligibility for the transaction.
  3. If appropriate, CCC will provide plan administrator's authorization for the transaction.

The CCC Transaction Submission Form is to be used to submit any transaction type except 403(b) Loans and 403(b) Hardships to CCC.

*Please note: some Vendors impose specific requirements before they will process certain (or any) transactions. Before you begin the process of submitting transaction, be sure to check for any special Vendor requirements (such as original document via mail only) by visiting their “General Information” page(s) available on the List of All Vendors page or contacting your vendor directly.

For more information on 403(b) transactions, including descriptions of the transaction types, click here.

View: CCC's Authorized Signatures Letter

Vendors with CCC Umbrella ISAs

The following Vendors have entered into the CCC 403(b) Umbrella Information Sharing Agreement or the CCC 403(b) Umbrella Hold Harmless and Information Sharing Agreement (12/2008). ALL of these Vendors are eligible to receive Exchanges within, Plan-to-Plan Transfers into, and Rollover Contributions into Vendor accounts established for ANY participant in ANY of CCC's Full-Service Client Employers' 403(b) Plan.

Listed below: Click a Vendor's PDF link to review that Vendor's Signed Agreements with CCC - Umbrella Hold Harmless and Information Sharing Agreement (ISA):

  • American Century Investments, Inc. - ISA pdf
  • American Fidelity Assurance Company - ISA pdf
  • American General Life Companies - ISA pdf
  • American National Insurance Company - ISA pdf
  • American United Life Insurance Company (OneAmerica) - ISA pdf
  • Ameriprise Financial - ISA pdf
  • ASPire Financial Services - ISA pdf
  • Athene Annuity and Life Company (formerly Aviva) - ISA pdf
  • AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company - ISA pdf
  • Commonwealth Annuity (including for Kemper / Zurich American Variable & Protective Life Variable) - ISA pdf
  • Foresters Financial - ISA pdf
  • Franklin Templeton - ISA pdf
  • FTJ Fund Choice - ISA pdf
  • Great American Financial Resources - ISA pdf
  • Horace Mann - ISA pdf
  • Industrial Alliance - ISA pdf
  • Jackson National - ISA pdf
  • Jefferson National - ISA pdf
  • Kansas City Life - ISA pdf
  • The Legend Group, Inc - ISA pdf
  • Lincoln Investment Planning, Inc - ISA pdf
  • MassMutual Financial Group - ISA pdf
  • MetLife - ISA pdf
  • Midland National Life Insurance Company - ISA pdf
  • MMA Praxis Mutual Funds - ISA pdf
  • Modern Woodmen of America - ISA pdf
  • National Life Insurance Company - ISA pdf
  • National Life Group (formerly Life Insurance of the SouthWest) - ISA pdf
  • New York Life - ISA pdf
  • North American Company for Life and Health - ISA pdf
  • North Coast Life - ISA pdf
  • OppenheimerFunds Distributors, Inc - ISA pdf
  • Pacific Life - ISA pdf
  • PlanMember Services Corporation - ISA pdf
  • Primerica Shareholder Services - ISA pdf
  • Protective Life Insurance Co. - ISA pdf
  • Prudential - ISA pdf
  • Putnam Investments - ISA pdf
  • ReliaStar Life Insurance Company - ISA pdf
  • Security Benefit Life Insurance Company - ISA pdf
  • SEI Private Trust Company - ISA pdf
  • Sentinel Funds - ISA pdf
  • Standard Insurance Company - ISA pdf
  • Sunset Life - ISA pdf
  • Symetra Financial - ISA pdf
  • Thrivent Financial for Lutherans - ISA pdf
  • Thrivent Investment Management Inc - ISA pdf
  • TIAA-CREF - ISA pdf
  • Union Central Life Insurance Company - ISA pdf

Vendors With Individual Direct-to-Employer ISAs

The list below includes all Vendors that have entered into Information Sharing Agreements directly with individual CCC Client Districts, such agreements designating CCC as the party with which Vendor information should be shared on behalf of the District. Direct ISAs also apply to CCC Selected Vendor Clients, as all ISA for their respective plans are treated as Direct ISAs on CCC's website. For this reason, there will be some overlap between the Umbrella ISA vendors and the Direct ISA vendor list below.

Click a Vendor name to review the signed Direct Information Sharing Agreements (ISAs):

All Vendors Connected with CCC

The complete list of Vendors associated with 403(b) Plans of CCC Client Districts in any capacity appears below. This list includes:

  • Vendors with Active Payroll Slots
  • Vendors with Inactive Payroll Slots
  • Orphaned Vendors
  • Grandfathered Contribution Vendors
  • Grandfathered Exchange Vendors

Links to Each Vendor's CCC General Information Page: