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Athena-Weston Employer Information

Information For Administrators

CCC provides compliance monitoring and administrative services to the Employer on a contractual basis. The topics found under Enrollment Information and Vendors links from this Athena-Weston School District site are equally important to Business and Payroll officers involved in administration of the 403(b) plan. The For Employers main site button up top isolates several additional topics of interest only to Employer administrators.

Important Observations

This Athena-Weston School District section of the Carruth Compliance Consulting (CCC) website was launched on 10/22/2008, but information is being updated on a regular basis: A 'last updated' date and time stamp appears in the lower right corner of this and every page. Every attempt has been made to present complete and accurate information. We at CCC hope that the information provided in this website will be helpful to you in better understanding the excellent supplemental retirement savings program from Athena-Weston.

CCC's Relationship with Athena-Weston

CCC provides compliance and plan administration services to Athena-Weston on a contractual basis, which began on 10/22/2008. CCC serves as a clearing house for administration of the 403(b) Tax-Sheltered Annuity Plan (TSA) for Athena-Weston, providing employees with the information they need to take advantage of this tax deferred retirement savings plan.

List of Vendors

For a list of 403(b) Contribution Vendors for Athena-Weston School District, along with additional Vendor information, please visit the List of Vendors page.

Does the Employer Contribute?

As a benefit of employment, some Employers make contributions to the 403(b) TSA Plan on behalf of certain employees. The three types of employer contributions possible in a 403(b) Plan are:

  • Employer Discretionary Contributions
  • Employer Matching Contributions
  • Employer Post-Severance Contributions

Please see the 403(b) Plan Document for Athena-Weston School District for additional information about these types of employer contributions and whether or not your Employer's 403(b) Plan involves such contributions.


Additional Tax-Deferred Savings Information

CCC provides educational information about advantages of tax deferred savings in general, along with links to websites that provide useful commentary and tools. Employer policies, practices, and procedures are available online, along with enrollment steps, Salary Reduction Agreement forms, and instructions for changing investment companies or contribution amounts. CCC monitors contributions for IRS compliance.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions about your employer's 403(b) plan after browsing other pages of this website, check out the answers to these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Learn More

Ask Your Own Questions

Click on this link to pose your own questions to Carruth Compliance Consulting, by electronic mail (email), telephone, fax, or any standard mail carrier. Learn More

Other Useful Links

Click on this link to review additional websites that CCC has found to be useful for various purposes. We welcome recommendations for additional websites to include on this Useful Links page. Learn More

Information Of General Interest

CCC provides general information that may be of interest, including CCC information & services, employee/participant resources, employer resources, vendor resources, current CCC clients, useful links, and ways to contact CCC.

Breaking News - Changes Ahead

Learn about significant changes either already set in concrete or under consideration.

Transaction Types - Definitions

Click here for information about the various types of transactions associated with 403(b) annuities and custodial accounts.

Plan Document for Athena-Weston

If you'd like to review the most recent Athena-Weston iteration/draft of its 403(b) Plan Document that will govern 403(b) policies for Employees of Athena-Weston beginning 1/1/2009, you may do so here. Once the Plan Document is officially adopted by the Employer's Board, the "Draft - Not Effective" banner will be removed.