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Oregon Savings Growth Plan (aka: OSGP)
General Information

This Vendor Page has not been approved by Oregon Savings Growth Plan,
but the information provided should be useful to you.

OSGP - General Status

OSGP is the most prevalent 457(b) Plan available to public employers in Oregon. As of July 2011 nine Community Colleges and sixty-five School Districts/ESDs had chosen to participate.

OSGP Web Homepage

OSGP has provided this link as its main webpage. Click on it to obtain general information about products and services offered by OSGP, or click any of the links below for more specific details.

OSGP Investment Options

Click here for a copy of the OSGP Investment Booklet.

Roth 457(b) Contribution Policy

OSGP accepts Roth 403(b) contributions as of July 1, 2012.

Helpful Employee Resources

Participants and interested employees may call OSGP at 800-365-8494 or 503-378-3730 for questions about the plan or visit the participant website. OSGP does not offer financial advice, but it does hold workshops around the state. For more information visit the OSGP Workshop Schedule page.

OSGP Forms

Click here for OSGP Forms. If you need anything other than what is posted here, call OSGP at 800-365-8494 or 503-378-3730.

Oregon Employers With OSGP Plans

Click here for a copy of the most recent list we have received of Oregon public employers that have adopted OSGP plans.


CCC Client Employers That Have Adopted OSGP

The list below represents those CCC Client Employers in whose 457(b) Plans OSGP is either the sole investment option or one of several investment options.