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Prospective Client Information

CCC Plan Administration Services

CCC provides the following Third Party Administrator (TPA) services for 403(b) Plan:

  • Monitors Contributions for Compliance
  • Complete Plan Document Service
  • Hold Harmless Agreements
  • Information Sharing Agreements
  • Salary Reduction Agreements
  • Dedicated Section of CCC Website
  • Web-Based Educational Information
  • E-Mail and Telephone Support
  • Roth Contribution Implementation
  • Plan Transaction Administration

If you are interested in adopting the services offered by CCC, then download, edit, print, sign, and date two copies of the Draft Contract and return them to CCC. Contact Us if you have questions concerning our services and fee structure.

ASBO Sample Questions for TPAs

ASBO International published a list of 21 Sample "Questions to Guide Selection of Potential 403(b) Service Providers" to aide 403(b) Plan Sponsors in evaluating prospective 403(b) Plan Third Party Administrators (TPAs). This and other 403(b) tools can be found on the ASBO website.

To view CCC's responses to ASBO's Sample Questions, click here.

Charting A New Course

Now that new 403(b) Regulations have been published, CCC is prepared to relieve client Employers of the necessity to wade through the maze of new requirements. Learn More about how CCC is accepting responsibility for compliance with the new 403(b) Regulations on behalf of its client Employers. To safeguard CCC intellectual property, this information is protected and requires User ID and Password for access. Existing Employers may log in using their Employer login account to view this page. Or, if necessary, Contact Us to request access to this section of the website.

Breaking News - Changes Ahead

Learn about significant changes either already set in concrete or under consideration.

Authorization Letters and Power of Attorney

Early in the process of implementing new 403(b) Regulations, letters from CCC Client Employers authorizing CCC to act on behalf of the District with respect to contract exchanges within the plan and plan-to-plan transfers were made available for viewing on the CCC website. With those Authorization Letters posted, exchanges and transfers have been, and continue to be, allowed only to accounts of Vendors that have either CCC Umbrella Information Sharing Agreements or District-specific Vendor Information Sharing Agreements in force.

Click here to view Authorization Letters and Power of Attorney Documents.

Vendors Eligible To Receive Exchanges/Transfers

CCC has advised all employers for whom we provided 403(b) Plan Administrative Services to require Information Sharing Agreements be established between the District and a Vendor before contract exchanges, transfers or rollover contributions into their plans are allowed. Generally, CCC requires that Vendors enter into an Umbrella CCC Hold Harmless and Information Sharing Agreement (HH+ISA) with CCC before such transactions will be allowed. However, in circumstances where a specific Vendor steadfastly refuses to enter into a CCC Umbrella Information Sharing Agreement, Vendor Information Sharing Agreements directly with individual Districts are allowed, such agreements assigning employer information sharing responsibilities to CCC.

When Vendors enter into Umbrella CCC Hold Harmless and Information Sharing Agreement , CCC requires that the Vendors provide specimen copies of their 403(b) annuity contracts and/or their 403(b)(7) custodial account agreements.