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ZZZ Schools Step-By-Step Guidance for Creating an Employee Login Account

ZZZ Schools encourages you to create a CCC Employee Login Account, which allows you to begin participation in the 403(b) TSA Plan if you have never participated and monitor your participation if you have. Basic instructions to create an online account for the TSA Plan are available on the ZZZ Schools home page, but this page is designed to provide detailed step-by-step guidance if needed.

Important Note: To establish an online account you will need the Plan ID, which may be obtained from CCC (see contact information below).

Please contact CCC if you have any difficulty establishing a CCC login account, or if you have any other questions about the ZZZ Schools TSA Plan.

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Step 1

Go to the ZZZ Schools Employee Information page and click on the Click here to create an Online Account link under New and Current Participants in the Online Access and Enrollment section of the left column. This page will open in a new browser window, so you may easily return to this page without needing to use the ‘back’ button.

Step 2

Completion of Step 1 leads you to the Sign-Up for an Online Account page, where detailed instructions are available. Remember that you must obtain the Plan ID from CCC before proceeding further.

Helpful Hint 1: You may toggle back and forth as needed between this browser window/tab and the active process browser window/tab with tab description Register For a New Account, the latter of which is the window/tab on which your registration process will take place. (If you are willing to go to a bit more effort, you can use Control n on a PC or Command n on a Mac to open an entirely different browser window, copy the web address into the new browser window, and view both the Step-By-Step Guidance and the Register For a New Account screens simultaneously, thus obviating the need to toggle back and forth between tabs within a single browser window.)

Helpful Hint 2: Very useful Tool Tips may be reviewed by hovering your cursor over any of the data entry boxes on any screens during this process. Move the cursor off the box and the tool tip will disappear after a few seconds. Leave the cursor over the box and the tool tip will remain displayed indefinitely.

Once you have entered your SSN, Date of Birth, Email Address, and the ZZZ Schools Plan ID, type the Validation Code exactly as it appears into the Validation Code Entry Box and click on the Next button below the bottom right of the blue data entry box.

Important Note 1: All information entered during this process is encrypted for security purposes. Notice the https:// in the web address/URL, which assures you that the website is secured.

Important Note 2: Be sure you enter an email address at which you will receive email during this process, because once you click the Next button, the CCC system will send an email confirmation message to this email address, which includes an EMAIL VERIFICATION CODE that must be entered on the next screen you reach. This two-step authentication process is for security purposes.

Step 3

Following completion of Step 2, you should receive an email message from that contains your Verification Code.

Step 4

Completion of Step 2 leads you to a Enter Email Verification Code screen. Enter the Verification Code into the box and click on the Next button below the bottom right of the blue data entry box.

Step 5

Completion of Step 4 leads you to a Enter Your Name and Address screen. Enter the required information and click on the Next button below the bottom right of the blue data entry box.

Step 6

Completion of Step 5 leads you to a Review Submission screen. Carefully review the information presented for accuracy. Click on the Next button if the information is correct. Click on the Previous button if the information is incorrect.

Step 7

Completion of Step 6 leads you to a Create Account Log-In Details screen. Enter the required Username and Password (twice), then click on the Finish button below the bottom right of the blue data entry box.

Important Note 1: Your Username must be unique throughout the entire CCC system, so it’s possible that your early choices might be rejected. Be sure to pick a Username and Password you will remember.

Important Note 2: Your Password must have at least six (6) characters, at least one of which must be non-numeric and non-alphabet (i.e., must be a symbol like @, #, $, %, ^, &, *, etc.)

Step 8

Completion of Step 7 leads you to a Finished screen. There you may click on a Go to the Log-In Page and Sign In link within the blue box.

Step 9

Completion of Step 8 leads you to an Employee, Employer and Vendor Users Log In Here screen. Enter your Username and Password and click on the Log In button.

Step 10

Completion of Step 9 leads you to an Welcome! screen, which summarizes your CCC User Account information. This first time you login with your new Username and Password there will be no Salary Reduction Agreement (SRA) on file for you in the CCC system, irrespective of whether or not you currently participate in the TSA Plan by having contributions deducted from your pay and deposited into accounts of participating investment companies (vendors). Consequently, you should see a message stating There is no Salary Reduction Agreement on file in the SALARY REDUCTION AGREEMENT section.

However, if you are a current participant, you should see another section that lists your contribution history resident in the CCC database for the last calendar year and the current calendar year to date. Once you create a new SRA and submit it to your employer through the CCC system, the next time you login you will see that SRA listed in the SALARY REDUCTION AGREEMENT section.

Finally, click on the Click Here to create a new Salary Reduction Agreement and submit it to your employer link if you want to submit an SRA at this time. Step-By-Step guidance for submitting SRAs to your employer through the CCC system are available on a separate web pages (online submissions are strongly recommended):

  • Online enrollment in the 403(b) TSA Plan for the very first time.
  • Online changing or cancelling your 403(b) TSA Plan contributions.
  • Offline submission of paper 403(b) TSA Plan Salary Reduction Agreements.



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