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JCSD 509-J 403(b) Plan Information Summary

General Description

JCSD 509-J sponsors a 403(b) plan to offer supplemental tax-advantaged retirement savings opportunity in addition to other plans that may be available (such as the state retirement plan). All part-time and full-time employees are eligible to contribute to the TSA Plan.

403(b) TSA Contribution Limits for 2022

The basic elective deferral limit for 2022 is the lesser of $20,500.00 or 100% of your compensation. If you are age 50 or better by the end of 2022, you are eligible to defer an additional $6,500.00. If you will have at least 15 years of full-time equivalent service with your current Employer by December 31, 2022, then you may be eligible to contribute up to an additional $3,000 during 2022. For additional details about contribution limits for 2021 and 2022, go to the JCSD 509-J Eligibility & Limits Page.

403(b) Plan Document Features

Catch-ups under the Plan: *15 Years-of-Service Catch-up Elective Deferral Contributions *Age 50 Catch-up Elective Deferral Contributions Contributions to the Plan: *Direct Rollovers Into the Plan *Employer Contributions Allowed *Employer Post Severance Contributions Allowed *Exchanges Within the Plan *Roth Contributions Other Plan Transactions: *Hardship Distributions *In-service Distributions After Age 59-1/2 *In-service Distributions From Rollover Accounts *Loans *Permissive Service Credit Transfers *Plan-to-Plan Transfers To the Plan *Plan-to-Plan Transfers From the Plan

403(b) Vendors with Active Payroll Slots

Employees of JCSD 509-J are eligible to apply for an account under the JCSD 509-J403(b) Plan with any Vendor whose name appears in the following list. Please see Enrollment Procedures for details.

  • American Fidelity Assurance Company Plan ID# 78211
  • American Funds Distributors, Inc Plan ID# Employer 164381339, Deferral Code 67004
    • Aaron Thompson (Edward Jones, Bend, OR) - 541-388-5613
    • American Funds 403(b) Customer Service - 800-421-4225
    • Arlena Young (Edward Jones, Bend, OR) - 541-330-4096
    • Austin Ouderkirk (Edward Jones, Bend, OR) - 541-617-8861
    • Brian Quinn (Edward Jones, Bend, OR) - 541-388-5613
    • Danielle Baptist (Edward Jones, Bend, OR) - 541-389-0100
    • Darrel Wisseman (Edward Jones, Prineville, OR) - 541-447-7013
    • Darren Layne (Edward Jones, Sisters, OR) - 541-549-8739
    • David Bishop (Edward Jones, Redmond, OR) - 541-923-8848
    • Eric Pashia (Edward Jones, Bend, OR) - 541-389-4363
    • Hadi Sale (Edward Jones, Terrabonne, OR) - 541-504-7817
    • Jeanie Eberle (Edward Jones, Redmond, OR) - 541-923-5135
    • Jessica Baltazar (Edward Jones, Redmond, OR) - 541-548-7474
    • John Meyer (Edward Jones, Redmond, OR) - 541-923-2532
    • John Morgan (Edward Jones, Bend, OR) - 541-382-0853
    • Joshua Werner (Edward Jones, Redmond, OR) - 541-923-7773
    • Justin Lappe (Edward Jones, Bend) - 541-330-4329 email or website:
    • Kate Gaughan (Edward Jones) - 541-389-4363 email or website:
    • Mark Schang (Edward Jones, Bend, OR) - 541-330-4096
    • Michael Bishop, AAMS (Edward Jones, Redmond, OR) - 541 923-8848 email or website:
    • Pat Lenahan (Edward Jones, Prineville, OR) - 541-447-8922
    • Ryan Thornton (Edward Jones, Bend, OR) - 541-385-9375
    • Shellie Gray (Edward Jones, Madras, OR) - 541-475-0423
    • Travis Waiton (Edward Jones, Bend, OR) - 541-389-6106
    • Tyler Hague (Edward Jones, Bend, OR) - 541-389-6106
  • Equitable (AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company) Plan ID# 804577 (Roth 403(b) accounts available*)
  • Penselect/ Foresters Financial Plan ID# D450001 (Roth 403(b) accounts available*)
  • Security Benefit Life Insurance Company Plan ID# Plan# 017128 (Roth 403(b) accounts available*)

* The availability of certain account types may be subject to change and/or vendor restrictions.

Please contact Carruth Compliance Consulting (CCC), JCSD 509-J's 403(b) Third Party Administrator (TPA) with any questions or concerns regarding the plan. CCC can be reached at (503) 968-8961 or toll free at 1-877-222-3090 and via out secure web page at:  Submit A Question To CCC 

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