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Authorization Letters and Powers of Attorney

CCC's List of Authorized Signers

Clickhere for the list of CCC authorized signers.

Authorization Letters for Full-Service CCC Clients

Each of the following Employers is a full-service CCC Client. These services include the administration of plan transactions.

ERISA 403(b) CCC Clients

Each of the following Employers is a CCC Client sponsoring a 403(b) plan subject to ERISA. Due to the nature of these plans, CCC does not use the tradition Authorization Letter and Power of Attorney. CCC has entered to the necessary vendor agreements regarding our relationship to the plans below.

Selected Vendor Plan Employers

The following Employer has entered into an agreement with CCC to administer the 403(b) plan for a select group of vendors. The employer offers another 403(b) plan for a separate group of vendors, that plan is not administer by CCC. Please see the authorization letter for a complete description of this relationship.

Plan Document Service Only Employers

Each of the following Employers has notified CCC that it will enter into a Plan Document Service Only Agreement with CCC. In this program CCC provides exactly two services: 1) A comprehensive web-based Plan Document service; and 2) Annual announcements to satisfy the meaningful notice of universal eligibility and to list contribution limits for the coming calendar year. The Plan Document includes exactly two optional features, namely: A) The Age 50+ Catch-up Provision, which allows participants who reach their fiftieth birthday by December 31 of the year in question to defer additional amounts ($5,000 in 2008) under Internal Revenue Code Section 414(v); and B) Eligibility for distributions after attainment of age 59-1/2, irrespective of employment status (in-service distributions after age 59-1/2). All other optional features will be unavailable, including contract exchanges within the plan, plan-to-plan transfers into the plan, plan-to-plan transfers out of the plan, loans, hardship distributions, 15 years-of-service catch-up provision, employer discretionary or matching contributions, Roth 403(b) contributions, and post-serverance employer contributions. Moreover, the Employer will administer the plan itself. CCC will not provide a dedicated section of the CCC website, nor will it monitor contributions for compliance:

  • Authorization Letters are not required for Plan Document Service Only Employers, since exchanges and transfers are not allowed in their plans:

  • Nestucca Valley School District - OR
  • St. Paul School District - OR
  • Ukiah School District - OR


Powers of Attorney for Full-Service CCC Clients

Each of the following Employers is a full-service CCC Client. These services include administration of all aspects of each Employer's 403(b) Plan.


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