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Steps to Enroll

1. Determine the Amount per Paycheck

The Bend-La Pine Schools 403(b) plan is a voluntary retirement plan option, you may contribute to this plan by deferring from your paychecks and contributing those funds (in an amount you specify) to an account held under a 403(b) Vendor with an Active Payroll Slot in the plan.

Traditional 403(b) accounts are tax deferred, meaning funds are deferred from your check to your investment account on a pre-tax basis. When you contribute to a Traditional 403(b) account, your net pay is not reduced by the full amount of your contribution (please see our net pay impact illustrations page for detailed examples).

Please note: There are annual (calendar year) contribution limits that apply.

2. Select A Vendor and Open an Account

You may select one or more vendors Bend-La Pine Schools 403(b) Vendors with Active Payroll Slots to contribute to by contacting the Vendor or representatives to open an account under Plan ID* assigned to Bend-La Pine Schools. You must establish an account under the Bend-La Pine Schools 403(b) Plan specific Plan ID to begin deferrals. You may not defer to an account created under a prior/different employer's plan.Keep a copy of the documentation showing your newly assigned Account Number to evidence this step was completed.

3. Submit an SRA online via the Bend-La Pine School District's Frontline Portal

Bend-La Pine employees can complete the Salary Reduction Agreement for the 403(b) program via Frontline, an online portal. Employees can click on the link below to login, then select "My Forms"> "Forms I Can Start"> then click "Start"next to Form they want to complete to start, change, or cancel an SRA.

Bend-La Pine School District Frontline Portal

In the event you require assistance with accessing the SRA via the Frontline Portal, please contact Bend-La Pine at or (541)355-1123.

Continuation Until Cancellation: The most recent 403(b) SRA document on file remains in effect until you cancel the agreement, change the contribution amount, or change the vendor via the Bend-La Pine School District Frontline Portal.

Bend-La Pine Schools May Reduce Or Suspend Contributions: Bend-La Pine Schools is required to avoid contributions that might exceed IRS limits. Consequently, the 403(b) SRA stipulates that Bend-La Pine Schools may reduce and/or suspend contributions to avoid excess deferrals over your contribution limit.



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