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Astoria 403(b) Plan Enrollment Page

Steps to Enroll

1. Determine the Amount per Paycheck

The Astoria 403(b) plan is a voluntary retirement plan option, you may contribute to this plan by deferring from your paychecks and contributing those funds (in an amount you specify) to an account held under Vendor (investment company) in the plan. You make this election by following the steps below, which includes the submission of a Salary Reduction Agreement (SRA) indicating your choice of contribution amount and vendor.

Traditional 403(b) accounts are tax deferred, meaning funds are deferred from your check to your investment account on a pre-tax basis. When you contribute to a Traditional 403(b) account, your net pay is not reduced by the full amount of your contribution (please see our net pay impact illustrations page for detailed examples).

Astoria allows employees to make Roth 403(b) contributions to any Astoria vendor that will accept such contributions. Roth contributions are deferred from paychecks to investment accounts on an after-tax basis, as opposed to Traditional 403(b) which are deferred on a pre-tax basis.

How much you choose defer from your pay to a 403(b) account is a personal choice based both your goals and financial constraints. There are annual (calendar year) 403(b) maximum contribution limits that apply. For questions regarding the maximum contribution limit and how it applies to you, please contact us.

2. Select A Vendor

You may make monthly contributions to one or more investment companies on this List of 403(b) Vendors with Active Payroll Slots for Astoria School District. Your research into which companies best meet your need may be aided by visits to company and agent links available at the vendor site.

If you wish to make Roth contributions, check the List of 403(b) Vendors with Active Payroll Slots for Vendors that have "Roth 403(b) Accounts Available" after their name. It may be necessary to open a separate designated Roth 403(b) account, even if you have an existing Traditional Pre-tax 403(b) account with a vendor. We recommend contacting your vendor to make sure your account is properly set-up for Roth 403(b) contributions and you have designated investment allocations for your Roth contributions.

3. Complete Vendor Application

Open an account with a Vendor holding an Active Payroll Slots prior to indicating you wish to begin deferring to the Astoria 403(b) Plan by submitting an SRA (Step 4 below).

As you complete your account application, it is helpful to have the Plan ID# listed next to your vendor's name available when you open your account, this will help to appropriately associate your new account with the Astoria 403(b) Plan*.

*Please note: You may not defer to an account listed under a prior/different employer's plan, it will be necessary to establish an account under the Astoria 403(b) Plan to begin deferrals.

Once you have completed your account application and the account is open (with an account or contract number assigned), please submit documentation your account has been established to Carruth Compliance Consulting, Inc. at Astoria along with the SRA (see Step 4 below).

4. Submit SRA

Online Access and Enrollment

New and Current Participants

  • Employees and former employees of Astoria may create an Online Account to monitor participation activities associated with the Astoria 403(b) Plan.

  • CCC encourages you to establish an Online Account, which will allow you to review information about your participation in the Astoria 403(b) Plan, including contributions to various vendors, account balances (if provided to CCC by vendors), and various transactions processed on your behalf by CCC (loans, hardship distributions, contract exchanges, plan-to-plan transfers, rollovers, required minimum distributions, etc.).

  • Click Here to create an Online Account.
  • Current employees who have created Online Accounts are encouraged to use CCC’s online enrollment system to submit Salary Reduction Agreements (SRA)* and manage contributions while logged in.

  • However, if you do not wish to create an Online Account but wish to enroll, you may submit an SRA in paper format. Click Here to access a printable SRA form.
*Please note: You must have an established account with a vendor in the plan to begin contributions.

Participants with Established Online Login Accounts

  • If you have already created a Online Login Account, Click Here or click the "Login" link in the upper-right-hand portion of this screen to login and access your account.

Step-By-Step Guidance

  • Guidance to Submit Your Very First Online SRA

  • If you have already created an online employee login account, Click Here for step-by-step guidance to change or cancel your current 403(b) TSA Plan contributions.

  • If you prefer not to create an online employee login account, Click Here for step-by-step guidance to submit a paper SRA to enroll, change or cancel contributions in the 403(b) TSA Plan.

Continuation Until Cancellation

The most recent 403(b) Salary Reduction Agreement (SRA) document on file at Astoria School District remains in effect until you cancel the agreement, change the contribution amount, or change the vendor. One or more of these three actions requires submission of a new 403(b) Salary Reduction Agreement.

Astoria May Reduce Or Suspend Contributions

Astoria School District is required to avoid contributions that might exceed IRS limits. Consequently, the 403(b) SRA stipulates that Astoria may reduce and/or suspend contributions as necessary to avoid excess deferrals. CCC monitors year-to-date contributions each month and notifies Astoria when such reductions and suspensions are required. Prior to an actual reduction and/or suspension, you are given the opportunity to review the data on which the decision to reduce/suspend was made to verify its accuracy.



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