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CCC Benco 403(b) Enrollment Information

Step 1. Determine the Amount per Paycheck

You must decide how much you would like to contribute to the plan each month based on your financial goals and your budget constraints. Keep in mind that the tax deferred nature of these contributions means that your net pay is not reduced by the full amount of your contribution. Final determination of the impact of tax deferred contributions on net pay depends on your federal and state marginal tax rates. For additional information, see Retirement Saving Options.

Please note: there are limitations to how much one can contribute to the 403(b) plan, please review the contribution limits page for current 403(b) contribution limits. If you have additional questions, please contact CCC.

Step 2. Select a Vendor and Open a 403(b) Account

You may make monthly contributions to a vendor available under the Benco:

Select a vendor above and contact the vendor (or local contact individual) to open your account. Complete your vendor's account application to open an account under the Benco 403(b) Plan. Please reference the applicable Plan ID# number on the account application.

CCC's website contains many resources, including helpful information on choosing an investment and helpful links to education resources, calculators, and more that may be helpful in evaluating your investment options.

Step 3. Complete a 403(b) SRA

Your vendor will have an SRA (Salary Reduction Agreement) available for you to complete and submit to Benco. This agreement instructs Benco to deduct the amount of your choosing from your paycheck as determined in Step 1 above) and remit the funds to your 403(b) account with the vendor. Please note: to change or cancel contributions to the plan, you will need to submit a SRA indicating your instruction to Benco.

Step 4. Submit your SRA to Benco

Submit Your Completed SRA to:

Please include a copy of documentation that you have established an account with the vendor.

Employees need to deliver Salary Reduction Agreement by the deadline established by Benco for a month in order for the amount to be deducted from that month’s payroll. To Be Determined



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