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Tillamook 403(b) Vendors

FINRA's Broker Check provides background information, registration status, and more on a potential financial advisor. Additional information may be available through the Oregon's Insurance Resource Page or the Washington State Consumer Tool about insurance product providers and/or advisors. Our Choosing an Investment page has additional information to help you evaluate your investment options.

A comparison grid is available to help evaluate and compare the Active Payroll Slot Vendors options in the Tillamook 403(b) Plan. Additional information concerning available fee and performance information is linked below the vendor name in the list of Active Payroll Slots.

The 403bCompare web site is an information bank of free objective information about 403(b) vendors and the products they offer. While the primary focus is for employees of California school districts it is a useful resource for 403(b) plan participants in other states as well.

Please note: Exchanges, Transfers, and Rollovers into the plan are only allowed to Active or Inactive Payroll Slot Vendors.

403(b) TSA Vendors with Active Payroll Slots

Employees of Tillamook are eligible to establish an account with, and contribute to, the following Vendors:

*To defer Roth (after-tax) contributions , it may be necessary to open a separate designated Roth 403(b) account, even if you have an existing Pre-tax 403(b) account. Contact your vendor or representative to make sure your account is properly set-up to receive Roth 403(b) contributions. The availability of certain account types may be subject to change and/or vendor restrictions.

Click here for a Printer-Friendly PDF of this 403(b) Vendor Page.

403(b) TSA Vendors with Inactive Payroll Slots

Employees of Tillamook already contributing to the Vendors below may continue to do so. However, additional employees are not allowed at this time.

Additional Vendors Associated with the Plan



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