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Mukilteo School District Historic 403(b) Vendors

Please note: No Exchanges, Transfers, and Rollovers into the plan are allowed to the vendors below.

Deselected Vendors

Important: The list below represents those Vendors that once held Active or Inactive Payroll Slots in the Mukilteo 403(b) Plan and received contributions after 12/31/2008, but that no longer are eligible to receive contributions, exchanges or transfers.

Orphaned Vendors

An Orphaned Vendor for Mukilteo is a Vendor that received contributions under the Plan during the period 1/1/2005 through 12/31/2008, but has not and will not receive Contributions, Exchanges, Transfers, or Rollover Contributions into Accounts under the Plan after 12/31/2008. The following list includes all known Mukilteo Orphaned Vendors:

Grandfathered Vendors

Grandfathered Contribution Vendors: The following Vendors received Contributions under the Plan prior to 1/1/2005, but have received no Contributions under the Plan after 12/31/2004:

  • End of List

Grandfathered Exchange/Transfer/Rollover Vendors: The following Vendors received at least one 90-24 Transfer under the Plan prior to 9/25/2007, but have not received Contributions into any Account for any Participant under the Plan for Mukilteo since 12/31/2004:

  • End of List

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Additional Vendors Associated with the Plan



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