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Scudder Investments/ DWS ISAs

Individual CCC Client Employers

Scudder/ DWS requires the use of its own Information Sharing Agreement and the Scudder/ DWS ISA must be directly between Scudder/ DWS and the Employer. However, the Employer may designate CCC as the Employer's agent for information sharing.

The Direct ISA between Scudder/ DWS and the Individual CCC Client Employers listed below allows Scudder/ DWS receive exchanges, transfers, and rollovers contributions within the respective employer's 403(b) plan.

The following CCC Client Employers have entered into Scudder/ DWS ISAs, which are available by clicking on the Employer's name:


Employer Instructions

If your organization require assistance getting the appropriate agreements in place with the Vendor, please contact CCC.


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