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Gresham-Barlow School District

Mutual Fund Marketplace LTD

This Vendor Page has not been approved by Mutual Fund Marketplace LTD,
but the information provided should be useful to you.

Mutual Fund Marketplace LTD - General Status

Mutual Fund Marketplace LTD plans to have continued involvement in the 403(b) market. Mutual Fund Marketplace LTD is currently reviewing CCC's ISA. We look forward to hearing from them shortly.

Mutual Fund Marketplace LTD Web Homepage

Mutual Fund Marketplace has NOT provided any link to its home office webpage at this time.

Product Information

Click the link(s) below for information on Mutual Fund Marketplace investment products:

Fee Information

Click the link(s) below for information on the fees associated with Mutual Fund Marketplace accounts:

403(b) Investment Options

Mutual Fund Marketplace offers the following type(s) of 403(b) investment option:

  • 403(b)(7) Custodial Mutual Funds (Load)
  • End of List

Roth 403(b) Contribution Policy

Mutual Fund Marketplace accepts Roth 403(b) contributions as of January 1, 2006. However, in rare cases some vendors (e.g., Fidelity Investments) require electronic funds transfer (EFT) to accept Roth contributions, so some employers that allow Roth 403(b) Contributions will not remit Roth contributions to such vendors.

Marketing Information

Investment products of Mutual Fund Marketplace are marketed using the following approaches:

Helpful Employee Resources

Mutual Fund Marketplace has not provided a weblink to any online consumer education or financial planning tools or calculators they may or may not offer to assist participants with financial planning and education. The moment Mutual Fund Marketplace provides a weblink to us, we'll post it here immediately.

Active in Other CCC Employer 403(b) Plans

To see which other CCC Employers hold Active Payroll Slots with Mutual Fund Marketplace, please visit our General Mutual Fund Marketplace LTD Page.

Vendor Page Maintainance

Vendors may manage their own CCC website pages via authorized logins available upon request. Vendors are invited to update their company and Employer-specific information (Plan or Group Number, Local Contacts, Product Information, Forms, etc.) regularly.


Mutual Fund Marketplace LTD - Gresham-Barlow Status

If there are any special relationships between this Vendor and this Employer, explanations of such relationships will appear here.

Mutual Fund Marketplace LTD Plan Number

When contacting Mutual Fund Marketplace or its local contacts, have ready your Gresham-Barlow - Mutual Fund Marketplace LTD PLAN OR GROUP NUMBER: To Be Determined

Gresham-Barlow EIN

When contacting Mutual Fund Marketplace or its local contacts, you may require the Gresham-Barlow EIN: 936000831

Gresham-Barlow Local Contacts

Some authorized investment companies have numerous financial representatives authorized to do business on their behalves. Others have no agents at all. The list below includes the most recent information available about the company's main avenue of contact as well as any local contacts for Mutual Fund Marketplace on Gresham-Barlow list of authorized vendors.

Request Additional Information from Mutual Fund Marketplace LTD

Mutual Fund Marketplace has not a "contact us" link. The moment they do, we'll post them here.

Information Sharing Agreement, If Applicable

Mutual Fund Marketplace LTD has NOT signed any Direct Information Sharing Agreement with Gresham-Barlow or any Umbrella Information Sharing Agreement with CCC. Consequently, Mutual Fund Marketplace is NOT eligible to receive Exchanges Within, Plan-to-Plan Transfers Into, or Rollover Contributions Into Gresham-Barlow 403(b) accounts.

Employer Minimum Contribution

Gresham-Barlow does not require any monthly minimum contribution, however some Vendors may require a minimum contribution amount (see below).

Vendor Minimum Contribution

Mutual Fund Marketplace LTD requires a minimum monthly contribution of $100.00 , and a total minimum annual contribution of $1,200.00 .

Gresham-Barlow Vendor Information Page

Information concerning the contribution types, catch-ups, transactions allowed under the Gresham-Barlow 403(b) Plan and much more on the Gresham-Barlow Information Page, available by clicking here.