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CCC Summary of Fidelity Investment Options with Expense Ratios

NOTE: The below information is out of date and is displayed for indicative purposes only. For current fee and expense data please contact the vendor directly.

Last Updated: 8/9/2018 at 9:45 AM PDT

Product NameTypeWork Thru AdvisorDo-It-YourselfCommissions
Fidelity 403(b) Individual Custodial AccountMutual FundsXNo

Fees and Charges

Fee:Amount / PercentageIndicative Annual Costs(1)
Recordkeeping Fee                  $24$24

Indicative Investment Fees:Amount / PercentageIndicative Annual Costs(1)
Fidelity® 500 Index Premium  0.02%    $2  

Total Indicative Annual Costs ($):  $26  
Total Indicative Annual Costs (%):  0.26%  

(1) Based on a $10,000 balance invested in above listed fund.

Mutual Fund Options
Number of Mutual Fund Options = 186

Portfolio Name Share ClassExpense Ratio
Fidelity Asset Manager® 20%No Load0.53%
Fidelity Asset Manager® 30%No Load0.55%
Fidelity Asset Manager® 40%No Load0.56%
Fidelity Asset Manager® 50%No Load0.67%
Fidelity Asset Manager® 60%No Load0.73%
Fidelity Asset Manager® 70%No Load0.73%
Fidelity Asset Manager® 85%No Load0.75%
Fidelity Freedom® 2005Other0.49%
Fidelity Freedom® 2010Other0.53%
Fidelity Freedom® 2015Other0.57%
Fidelity Freedom® 2020Other0.61%
Fidelity Freedom® 2025Other0.66%
Fidelity Freedom® 2030Other0.70%
Fidelity Freedom® 2035Other0.74%
Fidelity Freedom® 2040Other0.75%
Fidelity Freedom® 2045Other0.75%
Fidelity Freedom® 2050Other0.75%
Fidelity Freedom® 2055Other0.75%
Fidelity Freedom® 2060Other0.75%
Fidelity Freedom® IncomeOther0.47%
Fidelity Freedom® Index 2005 InvestorOther0.14%
Fidelity Freedom® Index 2010 InvestorOther0.14%
Fidelity Freedom® Index 2015 InvestorOther0.14%
Fidelity Freedom® Index 2020 InvestorOther0.14%
Fidelity Freedom® Index 2025 InvestorOther0.14%
Fidelity Freedom® Index 2030 InvestorOther0.14%
Fidelity Freedom® Index 2035 InvestorOther0.14%
Fidelity Freedom® Index 2040 InvestorOther0.14%
Fidelity Freedom® Index 2045 InvestorOther0.14%
Fidelity Freedom® Index 2050 InvestorOther0.14%
Fidelity Freedom® Index 2055 InvestorOther0.14%
Fidelity Freedom® Index 2060 InvestorOther0.14%
Fidelity Freedom® Index Income InvestorOther0.14%
Fidelity Treasury Only Money MarketOther0.42%
Fidelity® FundNo Load0.52%
Fidelity® 500 Index PremiumOther0.02%
Fidelity® BalancedNo Load0.55%
Fidelity® Blue Chip GrowthNo Load0.70%
Fidelity® Blue Chip ValueNo Load0.79%
Fidelity® CanadaNo Load1.02%
Fidelity® Capital & IncomeNo Load0.67%
Fidelity® Capital AppreciationNo Load0.51%
Fidelity® China RegionNo Load1.00%
Fidelity® Conservative Income BondOther0.35%
Fidelity® Contrafund®No Load0.74%
Fidelity® Convertible SecuritiesNo Load0.45%
Fidelity® Corporate BondNo Load0.45%
Fidelity® Disciplined EquityNo Load0.54%
Fidelity® Diversified InternationalNo Load0.94%
Fidelity® Dividend GrowthNo Load0.52%
Fidelity® EMEAOther1.39%
Fidelity® Emerging AsiaNo Load1.10%
Fidelity® Emerging MarketsNo Load0.97%
Fidelity® Emerging Markets DiscoveryOther1.35%
Fidelity® Emerging Markets Idx PremiumOther0.08%
Fidelity® Equity Dividend IncomeNo Load0.71%
Fidelity® Equity-IncomeNo Load0.63%
Fidelity® EuropeNo Load1.00%
Fidelity® Export and MultinationalNo Load0.76%
Fidelity® Extended Market Index PremiumOther0.05%
Fidelity® Floating Rate High IncomeNo Load0.70%
Fidelity® Focused High IncomeNo Load0.80%
Fidelity® Focused StockNo Load0.57%
Fidelity® Four-in-One IndexNo Load0.11%
Fidelity® Global Commodity StockNo Load1.10%
Fidelity® Global CreditOther0.75%
Fidelity® Global Equity IncomeOther1.13%
Fidelity® Global ex US Index PremiumOther0.06%
Fidelity® Global High IncomeOther1.02%
Fidelity® GNMANo Load0.45%
Fidelity® Government Cash ReservesOther0.37%
Fidelity® Government IncomeNo Load0.45%
Fidelity® Government MMktOther0.42%
Fidelity® Growth & IncomeNo Load0.63%
Fidelity® Growth CompanyNo Load0.85%
Fidelity® Growth DiscoveryNo Load0.66%
Fidelity® Growth StrategiesNo Load0.78%
Fidelity® High IncomeNo Load0.70%
Fidelity® IndependenceNo Load0.48%
Fidelity® Inflation-Prot Bd Idx PremOther0.05%
Fidelity® Inflation-Protected BondNo Load0.45%
Fidelity® Intermediate BondNo Load0.45%
Fidelity® Intermediate Government IncomeNo Load0.45%
Fidelity® Intermediate Trs Bd Idx PremOther0.03%
Fidelity® International Capital ApprecNo Load1.12%
Fidelity® International DiscoveryNo Load0.94%
Fidelity® International Enhanced IndexNo Load0.59%
Fidelity® International GrowthNo Load1.03%
Fidelity® International Index PremiumOther0.05%
Fidelity® International Small CapNo Load1.25%
Fidelity® International Small Cap OppNo Load1.13%
Fidelity® International ValueOther0.97%
Fidelity® Intl Real EstateNo Load1.12%
Fidelity® Investment Grade BondNo Load0.45%
Fidelity® JapanNo Load0.82%
Fidelity® Japan Smaller CompaniesNo Load0.95%
Fidelity® Large Cap Core Enhanced IndexNo Load0.39%
Fidelity® Large Cap Growth Enhanced IdxOther0.39%
Fidelity® Large Cap StockNo Load0.67%
Fidelity® Large Cap Value Enhanced IndexOther0.39%
Fidelity® Latin AmericaNo Load1.09%
Fidelity® Leveraged Company StockNo Load0.80%
Fidelity® Limited Term GovernmentNo Load0.45%
Fidelity® Long-Term Treasury Bd Idx PremOther0.03%
Fidelity® Low-Priced StockNo Load0.68%
Fidelity® Magellan®No Load0.69%
Fidelity® Mega Cap StockNo Load0.68%
Fidelity® Mid Cap Enhanced IndexNo Load0.59%
Fidelity® Mid Cap Index PremiumOther0.03%
Fidelity® Mid Cap ValueNo Load0.69%
Fidelity® Mid-Cap StockNo Load0.61%
Fidelity® Mortgage SecuritiesNo Load0.45%
Fidelity® NASDAQ Composite Index®No Load0.30%
Fidelity® New Markets IncomeNo Load0.82%
Fidelity® New MillenniumNo Load0.54%
Fidelity® NordicNo Load0.99%
Fidelity® OTCNo Load0.81%
Fidelity® OverseasNo Load1.00%
Fidelity® Pacific BasinNo Load1.11%
Fidelity® Puritan®No Load0.55%
Fidelity® Real Estate IncomeNo Load0.78%
Fidelity® Real Estate Index PremiumOther0.07%
Fidelity® Real Estate Investment PortNo Load0.76%
Fidelity® Select Air Transportation PortNo Load0.82%
Fidelity® Select Automotive PortNo Load0.97%
Fidelity® Select BankingNo Load0.77%
Fidelity® Select BiotechnologyNo Load0.74%
Fidelity® Select Brokerage & Invmt MgmtNo Load0.79%
Fidelity® Select ChemicalsNo Load0.77%
Fidelity® Select Comms Equip PortNo Load0.85%
Fidelity® Select ComputersNo Load0.79%
Fidelity® Select Construction & Hsg PortNo Load0.80%
Fidelity® Select Consumer Discret PortNo Load0.78%
Fidelity® Select Consumer Finance PortNo Load0.90%
Fidelity® Select Consumer Staples PortNo Load0.76%
Fidelity® Select Defense & Aero PortNo Load0.76%
Fidelity® Select EnergyNo Load0.79%
Fidelity® Select Energy Service PortNo Load0.84%
Fidelity® Select Envir and Alt Engy PortNo Load0.87%
Fidelity® Select Financial Services PortNo Load0.77%
Fidelity® Select GoldNo Load0.84%
Fidelity® Select Health CareNo Load0.73%
Fidelity® Select IndustrialsNo Load0.77%
Fidelity® Select Insurance PortNo Load0.79%
Fidelity® Select IT ServicesNo Load0.77%
Fidelity® Select LeisureNo Load0.77%
Fidelity® Select MaterialsNo Load0.79%
Fidelity® Select Medical Tech and DevcsNo Load0.76%
Fidelity® Select MultimediaNo Load0.80%
Fidelity® Select Natural GasNo Load0.89%
Fidelity® Select Natural Resources PortNo Load0.83%
Fidelity® Select Pharmaceuticals PortNo Load0.81%
Fidelity® Select RetailingNo Load0.78%
Fidelity® Select SemiconductorsNo Load0.75%
Fidelity® Select Software & IT Svcs PortNo Load0.73%
Fidelity® Select TechnologyNo Load0.75%
Fidelity® Select Telecommunications PortNo Load0.82%
Fidelity® Select TransportationNo Load0.80%
Fidelity® Select UtilitiesNo Load0.78%
Fidelity® Select WirelessNo Load0.83%
Fidelity® Short-Term BondNo Load0.45%
Fidelity® Shrt-Term Trs Bd Idx PrmOther0.03%
Fidelity® Small Cap DiscoveryNo Load0.69%
Fidelity® Small Cap Enhanced IndexNo Load0.64%
Fidelity® Small Cap GrowthNo Load1.09%
Fidelity® Small Cap Index PremiumOther0.03%
Fidelity® Small Cap StockNo Load0.82%
Fidelity® Small Cap ValueNo Load0.99%
Fidelity® Stk Selec Lg Cp ValNo Load0.73%
Fidelity® Stock Selec All CpNo Load0.63%
Fidelity® Stock Selector Mid CapOther0.70%
Fidelity® Stock Selector Small CapNo Load0.75%
Fidelity® Strategic Dividend & Income®No Load0.76%
Fidelity® Strategic IncomeNo Load0.68%
Fidelity® Strategic Real ReturnNo Load0.83%
Fidelity® Telecom and UtilitiesNo Load0.55%
Fidelity® Total Bond FundNo Load0.45%
Fidelity® Total Emerg MktsOther1.26%
Fidelity® Total International EquityNo Load1.15%
Fidelity® Total Market Index PremiumOther0.02%
Fidelity® TrendNo Load0.67%
Fidelity® US Bond Index PremiumOther0.03%
Fidelity® ValueNo Load0.61%
Fidelity® Value DiscoveryNo Load0.75%
Fidelity® Value StrategiesNo Load0.62%
Fidelity® WorldwideNo Load0.81%



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