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CCC Summary of Security Benefit Mutual Fund Investment Options with Expense Ratios

Last Updated: 8/10/2018 at 1:00 PM PDT

Product NameTypeWork Thru AdvisorDo-It-YourselfCommissions
Advisor Program, Option 3Mutual FundsXYes

Fees and Charges

Fee:Amount / PercentageIndicative Annual Costs(1)
Annual Account Fee                 $35$35
Wrap Fee1.00%$100

Indicative Investment Fees:Amount / PercentageIndicative Annual Costs(1)
Invesco American Franchise1.06%$106

Total Indicative Annual Costs ($):  $241  
Total Indicative Annual Costs (%):   2.41%  

(1) Based on a $10,000 balance invested in above listed fund.

Mutual Fund Options
Number of Variable Investment Options = 139

Portfolio Name Share ClassExpense Ratio
American Century Div Bond0.85%
American Century Equity Income1.18%
American Century Heritage1.26%
American Century Intl Bond1.05%
American Century Intl Growth1.42%
American Century Select1.23%
American Century Str Alloc Agg1.36%
American Century Str Alloc Con1.26%
American Century Str Alloc Mod1.33%
American Century Ultra1.23%
AMG Managers Fairpt Mid Cap1.14%
Baron Asset1.31%
Baron Real Estate1.33%
BlackRock Advtg Sm Cap Growth0.75%
BlackRock Equity Dividend0.98%
BlackRock Global Allocation1.07%
BlackRock International Dividend1.09%
Calamos Growth & Income1.12%
Calamos High Income Opportunities1.00%
Calamos Market Neutral Income1.08%
ClearBridge Aggressive Growth1.12%
ClearBridge Mid Cap1.18%
ClearBridge Small Cap Growth1.23%
Deutsche International Growth1.24%
Deutsche Small Cap Growth1.21%
Dreyfus Appreciation0.94%
Dreyfus Opp Midcap Value1.17%
Dreyfus Strategic Value0.93%
Federated Bond0.86%
Federated Prudent Bear1.78%
Fidelity Adv Intl Capital App1.63%
Fidelity Adv New Insights1.18%
Fidelity Adv Real Estate1.33%
Fidelity Adv Stk Slctr Mid Cap1.11%
Fidelity Adv Value Strategies1.13%
Fidelity Advisor Dividend Grow1.09%
Fidelity Advisor High Income Advantage1.01%
Fidelity Advisor Lev Co Stock1.32%
Franklin Growth Opportunities1.04%
Franklin High Income0.77%
Franklin Income0.62%
Franklin Mutual Global Discovery1.24%
Goldman Sachs Emrg Mkts Eq1.68%
Goldman Sachs Govt Income1.08%
Guggenheim Alpha Opportunity1.80%
Guggenheim High Yield1.17%
Guggenheim Large Cap Value1.15%
Guggenheim Macro Opportunities1.36%
Guggenheim Mgd Futures Strgy1.88%
Guggenheim Mid Cap Value1.22%
Guggenheim Mutli-Hedge Strat1.61%
Guggenheim Small Cap Value1.30%
Guggenheim StylePlus Large Core1.45%
Guggenheim StylePlus Md Growth1.53%
Guggenheim Total Return Bond0.79%
Guggenheim U.S. Investment Grade Bond0.79%
Guggenheim US Long Short1.67%
Guggenheim World Equity Income1.22%
Invesco American Franchise1.06%
Invesco Comstock0.84%
Invesco Developing Markets1.43%
Invesco Energy1.27%
Invesco Equity and Income0.80%
Invesco Gold & Precious Metals1.44%
Invesco Mid Cap Core Equity1.24%
Invesco Small Cap Growth1.23%
Invesco Technology1.43%
Invesco Value Opportunities1.27%
Ivy Asset Strategy1.12%
Ivy High Income0.97%
Ivy International Core Equity1.29%
Janus Hend Glbl Unconstr Bond1.21%
Janus Henderson Global Life Sciences1.17%
Janus Henderson Mid Cap Value0.98%
Janus Henderson Overseas0.95%
Janus Henderson U.S. Managed Volatility1.12%
JPMorgan Growth Advantage1.14%
JPMorgan US Small Company1.22%
Lazard Emerging Markets Multi Asset1.61%
Neuberger Berman Lg Cp Val1.21%
Neuberger Berman Socially Resp1.02%
Northern Glbl Asset Alloc0.64%
Northern Large Cap Core0.46%
Northern Large Cap Value0.57%
Oak Ridge Small Cap Growth1.42%
Oppenheimer Developing Markets1.32%
Oppenheimer Discovery1.12%
Oppenheimer Equity Income1.05%
Oppenheimer Global1.15%
Oppenheimer Intl Smid Company1.41%
Pax High Yield Bond0.99%
PIMCO All Asset1.57%
PIMCO CommodityRealReturn1.19%
PIMCO Emerging Markets Bond1.20%
PIMCO Foreign Bond-Hedged1.15%
PIMCO Low Duration1.05%
PIMCO Real Return1.10%
PIMCO StocksPLUS Small Fund1.09%
PIMCO Total Return1.10%
Pioneer Strategic Income1.06%
Pru Jennison 20/20 Focus1.19%
Pru Jennison Mid Cap Growth1.06%
Pru Jennison Natural Resources1.28%
Pru Jennison Small Company1.15%
Prudential Jennison Utility0.82%
Royce Opportunity1.49%
Royce Small-Cap Value1.49%
Swan Defined Risk1.55%
Swan Defined Risk Emerging Markets2.31%
T. Rowe Price Retirement 20601.24%
T. Rowe Price Retirement Balanced1.06%
Templeton Foreign1.10%
Templeton Global Bond0.93%
TRP Capital Appreciation1.00%
TRP Growth Stock1.18%
TRP International Value Equity1.07%
TRP Retirement 20101.07%
TRP Retirement 20151.09%
TRP Retirement 20201.13%
TRP Retirement 20251.17%
TRP Retirement 20301.19%
TRP Retirement 20351.22%
TRP Retirement 20401.24%
TRP Retirement 20451.24%
TRP Retirement 20501.24%
TRP Retirement 20551.24%
Victory RS Growth1.10%
Victory RS Partners1.45%
Victory RS Science and Technology1.49%
Victory RS Value1.30%
Virtus Ceredex Mid Cap Value Equity1.38%
Virtus Ceredex Small Cap Value Equity1.48%
Wells Fargo Growth1.16%
Wells Fargo Large Cap Core1.08%
Wells Fargo Opportunity1.21%
Wells Fargo Small Cap Value1.28%



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