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CCC Summary of Security Benefit Variable Annuity Investment Options with Expense Ratios

NOTE: The below information is out of date and is displayed for indicative purposes only. For current fee and expense data please contact the vendor directly.

Last Updated: 8/10/2018 at 1:00 PM PDT

Product NameTypeWork Thru AdvisorDo-It-YourselfCommissions
Variflex Variable AnnuityVariable AnnuityXYes

Fees and Charges

Fee:Amount / PercentageIndicative Annual Costs(1)
Administrative Fee$30$30
Mortality and Expense             1.20%$120

Indicative Investment Fees:Amount / PercentageIndicative Annual Costs(1)
MFS® VIT Total Return0.88%$88

Total Indicative Annual Costs ($):  $238  
Total Indicative Annual Costs (%):   2.38%  

(1) Based on a $10,000 balance invested in above listed fund.

Fixed Investment Options

NameMinimum Rate of Return
Fixed Account1.00%

Variable Annuity Options
Number of Variable Investment Options = 41

Portfolio Name Share ClassExpense Ratio
American Century VP Ultra¨II0.99%
American Century VP ValueII0.94%
ClearBridge Variable Aggressive GrowthII1.05%
ClearBridge Variable Small Cap GrowthI0.83%
Dreyfus IP Technology GrowthService1.08%
Dreyfus VIF International ValueService1.11%
Guggenheim VIF All Cap Value0.90%
Guggenheim VIF Alpha Opportunity2.57%
Guggenheim VIF High Yield1.13%
Guggenheim VIF Large Cap Value0.82%
Guggenheim VIF Long Short Equity2.22%
Guggenheim VIF Managed Asset Allocation1.02%
Guggenheim VIF Mid Cap Value0.93%
Guggenheim VIF Small Cap Value1.16%
Guggenheim VIF StylePlus Large Core1.02%
Guggenheim VIF StylePlus Large Growth1.03%
Guggenheim VIF StylePlus Mid Growth1.04%
Guggenheim VIF StylePlus Small Growth1.17%
Guggenheim VIF Total Return Bond0.83%
Guggenheim VIF World Equity Income0.91%
Invesco V.I. ComstockSeries II1.03%
Invesco V.I. Equity and IncomeSeries II0.83%
Invesco V.I. Global Health CareSeries I0.99%
Invesco V.I. Global Real EstateSeries I1.01%
Invesco V.I. Government Money MarketSeries II0.56%
Invesco V.I. Government SecuritiesSeries II0.93%
Invesco V.I. International GrowthSeries II1.17%
Invesco V.I. Mid Cap Core EquitySeries II1.20%
Invesco V.I. Mid Cap GrowthSeries II1.28%
Invesco V.I. Value OpportunitiesSeries II1.23%
MFS¨ VIT II Research InternationalService1.24%
MFS¨ VIT Total ReturnService0.88%
MFS¨ VIT UtilitiesService1.03%
Neuberger Berman AMT Socially ResponsiveS1.18%
Oppenheimer Main Street Small Cap Fund¨/VAService1.05%
PIMCO VIT All AssetAdministrative1.27%
PIMCO VIT CommodityRealReturn StrategyAdministrative1.18%
PIMCO VIT Foreign Bond (U.S. Dollar-Hedged)Administrative0.93%
PIMCO VIT Low DurationAdministrative0.65%
PIMCO VIT Real ReturnAdministrative0.91%
Royce Micro-CapInvestment1.44%



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