2020 403(b) Announcement for To Be Determined

Supplemental Retirement Saving Opportunities

To Be Determined (To Be Determined) offers an excellent voluntary program through which you may elect to contribute a portion of income into supplemental retirement savings accounts: the 403(b) Plan. To Be Determined has contracted with Carruth Compliance Consulting (“CCC”), a Third Party Administrator (TPA), to provide information and support for the 403(b) Plan.

All part-time and full-time employees are eligible to contribute.

You may begin, change, and/or cancel deferrals in the 403(b) Plan at any time, subject to payroll deadlines. You may begin participating in the 403(b) Plan by establishing an account with an Active Payroll Slot Vendor, then completing and submitting a salary reduction agreement via signed hard copy to your employer.

403(b) Contribution Limits for 2020

*Note: Contributions to the plan above cannot exceed employees’ total compensation.

**Please contact CCC to verify eligibility and limits available under Special Catch-up.

Participant Responsibilities

Comprehensive information is available online via CCC’s website, www.ncompliance.com.
Please contact CCC with any questions at 503-968-8961 or Toll-Free at 877-222-3090 or via the “Contact Us” page.