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ZZZ Schools Solicitation Rules

Solicitation Rules

Solicitation Rules apply to all types of solicitations of employees, not just to 403(b) and 457(b) Plans. ZZZ Public Schools (Hypothetical) has rules (which may be memorialized as policies) concerning access to employees and use of district resources may be found in a variety of district rules or policies (example: Employee Access, Communication Guidelines, Material Distribution, Building/Property Visitation and/or Use Guidelines, etc.), not just one single "Solicitation Policy". Prior to visiting ZZZ Public Schools (Hypothetical) property, distributing information and/or directly soliciting ZZZ Schools employees, all vendor representatives should be aware of the rules associated with these activities.

When available to CCC, relevant policy page(s) are linked below:

*Note: Rules or policies are subject to change without notice. Additional/overlapping rules or policies may apply.

Please more information concerning ZZZ Public Schools (Hypothetical) policies, please contact:

ZZZ Public Schools 8J (Hypothetical)
1235 Main Street
Sometown, WA 98027-5555



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