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Athena-Weston Solicitation Rules

Solicitation Rules

Solicitation Rules apply to all types of solicitations of employees, not just to 403(b) and 457(b) Plans. Athena-Weston School District has rules (which may be memorialized as policies) concerning access to employees and use of district resources may be found in a variety of district rules or policies (example: Employee Access, Communication Guidelines, Material Distribution, Building/Property Visitation and/or Use Guidelines, etc.), not just one single "Solicitation Policy". Prior to visiting Athena-Weston School District property, distributing information and/or directly soliciting Athena-Weston employees, all vendor representatives should be aware of the rules associated with these activities.

When available to CCC, relevant policy page(s) are linked below:

*Note: Rules or policies are subject to change without notice. Additional/overlapping rules or policies may apply.

Please more information concerning Athena-Weston School District policies, please contact:

Athena-Weston School District 29RJ
375 S. 5th Street
Athena, OR 97813



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