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Loan Processing Information


CCC requires participant requesting loans to complete a CCC Loan Request Form and submit it to CCC along with the following required documentation in good order:

  • Your completed vendor form requesting a loan (this will require contacting your advisor or vendor to obtain).
  • Copies of your most recent account statement(s) from any vendor where you have a 403(b) and/or 457(b) account.
  • If requesting a principal residence loan with a term over 5 years, you must provide a copy of your signed home purchase agreement.

Loan Approval Process: Once loan request documentation is received completed and in good order it will be reviewed for potential approval as soon as administratively possible.

You may submit your Loan Request to CCC using one of the following methods:

  • You may securely upload the documents to CCC by clicking here,
  • You may fax the document to CCC at 503-968-7802, or
  • You may mail the document to CCC at the following address:
    Carruth Compliance Consulting
    6975 SW Sandburg Rd. Suite 320
    Tigard, OR 97223

Additional Loan Information

Click here for the rules that apply to loans. Your Employer's 403(b) Plan Document will specify whether or not loans are allowed under your 403(b) Plan. If allowed under your 403(b) plan, you will also need to confirm that loans are available under your individual 403(b) annuity contract or custodial account. Note: loans are not allowed under the 403(b) plans for CCC Plan Document Service Only Clients.

Please note: Loans are available for beneficiary and alternate payee accounts to the extent loans are available under the employer’s plan document and the vendor’s annuity contract or custodial account agreement.



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