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Please Note - This list includes all Employers "associated" with this Vendor in any of several relationships, including: Active Payroll Slot; Inactive Payroll Slot; Umbrella ISA; Direct to Employer ISA; Orphaned; Grandfathered Contribution; and/or Grandfathered Exchange. A Vendor with a CCC Umbrella ISA in force is "associated" with all Full Service CCC Employer Clients, but this does not mean that the Vendor is eligible to receive contributions in the 403(b) Plans of all of these Employers. For the list of Employers where a Vendor holds Active Payroll Slots, click on the blue "For Vendors" button at the top of the page, scroll down to the "All Vendors Connected with CCC" heading, and click on the desired Vendor's link.

Vendor IDVendor's Current Name Vendor Also Known AsEmployer IDEmployer Vendor Accepts Roth?Employer Allows Roth?
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases87Athena-Weston School DistrictYesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases121Banks School DistrictYesYes
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases80Beaverton School DistrictYesYes
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases69Bellevue School District 405YesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases2Bethel School District YesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases3Canby School District YesYes
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases79Cascade School DistrictYesYes
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases4Centennial School District YesYes
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases70Central Kitsap School DistrictYesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases78Central Oregon Community CollegeYesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases5Central School DistrictYesNo
85ING (RLIC)ING Retirement Plans85Chemeketa Community CollegeYesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases82Clackamas Community CollegeYesYes
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases125Clackamas ESDYesYes
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases96Columbia Gorge Community CollegeYesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases6Columbia Gorge ESDYesYes
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases7Corvallis School DistrictYesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases8Culver School DistrictYesNo
85ING (RLIC)Northern Life9Dallas School District YesYes
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases10David Douglas School District YesYes
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases74Dieringer School DistrictYesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases107ESD123YesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases11Estacada School DistrictYesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases12Eugene Public SchoolsYesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases122Federal Way Public SchoolsYesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases108Finley School DistrictYesYes
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases13Forest Grove School District YesYes
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases15Gervais School District YesYes
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases16Gladstone School District YesYes
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases17Grants Pass School DistrictYesYes
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases18Greater Albany Public School District YesYes
85ING (RLIC)Northern19Gresham-Barlow School District YesYes
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases20Harrisburg School District 7YesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases102Helix School DistrictYesNo
85ING (RLIC)Northern Life Insurance Company21Hermiston School District YesNo
85ING (RLIC)TSA-ING Retirement Plans22High Desert ESDYesYes
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases23Hillsboro School District YesYes
85ING (RLIC)ReliaStar130Hood River County School DistrictYesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases51InterMountain ESD (UMESD-UBESD Merged)YesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases103Ione School DistrictYesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases75Jefferson County School District 509-JYesYes
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases24Jefferson School District YesYes
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases106Jewell School DistrictYesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases25Kennewick School DistrictYesYes
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases123Klamath County School DistrictYesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases26Knappa School District YesNo
85ING (RLIC)Northern Life Insurance Company77Lane Community CollegeYesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases66Lebanon Community School DistrictYesNo
85ING (RLIC)Reli/Northern28Lincoln County School DistrictYesYes
85ING (RLIC)Northern Life27Linn Benton Lincoln ESDYesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases88Linn-Benton Community CollegeYesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases81McMinnville School DistrictYesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases29Molalla River School District YesYes
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases98Monroe School DistrictYesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases68Morrow County School DistrictYesYes
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases72Mukilteo School DistrictYesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases83Multnomah ESDYesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases30Newberg School District YesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases31North Bend School District YesYes
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases32North Marion School District YesNo
85ING (RLIC)ING Retirement Plans33North Wasco County School District YesYes
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases34Northwest Regional ESDYesYes
85ING (RLIC)NORTHERN LIFE35Oregon City Public SchoolsYesYes
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases91Oregon Department of EducationYesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases73Parkrose School DistrictYesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases36Pasco School District YesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases37Pendleton Public SchoolsYesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases97Perrydale School DistrictYesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases38Philomath School District 17JYesYes
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases86Pilot Rock School DistrictYesYes
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases39Pleasant Hill School District YesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases124Portland Community CollegeYesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases40Portland Public SchoolsYesYes
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases41Rainier School District YesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases42Redmond School District YesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases89Reynolds School District YesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases43Richland School District No. 400YesNo
85ING (RLIC)Northern Life127Rogue Community CollegeYesNo
85ING (RLIC)Northern Life44Salem-Keizer School District YesYes
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases62Santiam Canyon School DistrictYesYes
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases45Scio School DistrictYesYes
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases46Seaside School DistrictYesNo
85ING (RLIC)Northern Life64Seattle Public SchoolsYesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases76Silver FallsYesNo
85ING (RLIC)Northern47Sisters School DistrictYesNo
85ING (RLIC)Northern Life Ins48St Helens School DistrictYesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases67Sweet Home School DistrictYesYes
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases120Tacoma Public SchoolsYesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases50Tillamook School DistrictYesNo
85ING (RLIC)ING 84Treasure Valley Community CollegeYesYes
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases52Umatilla School District YesYes
85ING (RLIC)Northern Life Insurance90Umpqua Community CollegeYesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases53Vernonia School District YesYes
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases63Walla Walla Public SchoolsYesNo
85ING (RLIC)Northern Life Insurance Co.54West Linn-Wilsonville School DistrictYesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases55Willamette ESDYesYes
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases56Woodburn SchoolsYesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases110Yakima School DistrictYesNo
85ING (RLIC)No Known Aliases128Yamhill Carlton School DistrictYesNo