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Securely Submit A Voucher Request

To securely submit a voucher request to CCC, enter the requested information on this and subsequent steps, review the information you have provided on the final step and then click on the Finish button when you are ready to submit your voucher request.

Please Note: Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required fields. Hover your cursor over the data field to obtain 'Tool Tip' help. If you widen your browser window (e.g., to full screen), 'Tool Tip' pop-up help windows should appear to the right of your mouse pointer and not impede your ability to view the left side of the page. Once a tool tip help window pops up, if you move your mouse pointer onto the pop up window, it will remain open until you move your mouse pointer.

What Type Of Transaction? (*):

Footnote: If the Participant has both attained age 59.5 and severed employment with the Employer associated with the account from which this distribution is to be made, a choice must be made between the age 59.5 qualifying event and the the severance from employment qualifying event. For some accounts there may be extra costs associated with one qualifying event that are not applied if the other qualifying event is selected, so check with your vendor or agent before making this decision.

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